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Bank Busters

Bank Busters is a 3 paylines slot machine in which you must match symbols or open up a bank vault to win money. Up to 3 credits may be used per spin (1 per payline).

To insert credits you must click on one of the chips on the left side of your screen. The amount of credits you will receive depends on the coin size you selected in the menu when you started the game.

Once you have inserted credits, you can click on the BET ONE button once for every credit you want to play with and then SPIN to start the spin. The BET MAX button is used as a shortcut to play 3 credits (all paylines selected)

When the spin ends up you will be paid credits if the symbols matches one of the line of the paytable located at the bottom-left of the screen.

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There is also a sub game in which you must try to open up the safe of a bank by completing a combination. The combination is a 4 digits number that you resolve by getting lock symbols on spin. Each lock symbol you obtain increases the combination by 1, shifting to the next digit if the number is now correct. The cop symbol will reset your current progress and a new combination will be generated.

When the safe is opened you must choose which drawer you want to loot in the safe which have a random amount of credits. You may then decide to secure your winnings or try for another drawer at a risk of getting caught by the cops and lose your current loot.