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Fight Night

Fight Night is a 3 paylines slot machine in which you must match symbols and complete races to win money. Up to 3 credits may be used per spin (1 per payline).

To insert credits you must click on one of the chips on the left side of your screen. The amount of credits you will receive depends on the coin size you selected in the menu when you started the game.

Once you have inserted credits, you can click on the BET ONE button once for every credit you want to play with and then SPIN to start the spin. The BET MAX button is used as a shortcut to play 3 credits (all paylines selected).

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When the spin ends up you will be paid credits if the symbols matches one of the line of the paytable located at the top of the screen.

When you first start the game, you will have to pick one of the fighters. This is a sub game, which will give you extra credits when you attain a certain amount of boxing gloves. For example, if you picked the red boxer, every time you get a red glove when you spin, you'll be throwing punches at your opponent. You'll see the action on the top of your screen. Once you've depleted your opponent's life meter, you win the fight and you get credits for winning. Although, when you get a blue glove, then your opponent throw punches at you. If he knocks you out first, then you'll have to start the sub game over.