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Horse Racing

This is a simulated horse racing game. To play the game you have to bet on one of the horses or a combination of two horses(a quinella). If your horse or quinella win your wager will be multiplied by the appropriate odds.

Every race hosts 6 different horses chosen randomly, each horse has a comment to describe his current conditions, but beware, these comment simply be rumors.

To Play :

Place your bets
Click on the horses you wish to bet on to place a bet on that horse

Click on the quinella to bet on a pair of horses
To place a bet on a quinella, you should click on the pairs of horses at the bottom of your screen. To place a quinella bet on the 4th and 5th horse, you would click on the 4-5 box. The odds are shown at the bottom of this box.

Hit Start Race to start the race and see the results in the total win box (bottom right).
To start a new race, click on the New Race button to get the new horse starting grid.

Winning :

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Each horse bet or quinella bet is treated as a separate bet.
Each horse you bet on has an associated payout, if your horse wins the race, you get your wager times the payout.
If you bet on a quinella, the two horses you selected have to come in first and second position for you to win, winning multiplies your wager by the payout.

Example, You place two bets 5$ on horse number one when the payout is 4 times for this bet. You also place a 10$ quinella bet on horse number 4 and 5 where the payout for this bet is 12. Say horse number 1 comes in first place and number 4 in second place. You win your first bet $5 times 4 = $20 and lose your second quinella bet because 5 didn't rank in the top two. So you placed 15$ in bets, and won 20$, thus coming out with 5$ extra. Second scenario, same bets same odds, horse 4 comes in first and horse 5 comes in second. You know lose the bet on horse #1, but your quinella bet is a winner since horse 4 and 5 came in the top 2 so you win $10 times 12 = $120. So you placed $15 in bets, won $120, thus coming out with an extra $105.