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Hot Dog Stand

Hot Dog Stand is a 5 reel slot with 9 pay lines. Up to 1 credit per line.

You can click on the BET ONE button once for every ever line you want to play with. The BET MAX button is used as a shortcut to play all 9 lines.

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The object of this game is to get as many similar objects in a row. The more combinations you make, the higher your return. There's multiple ways of winning, it's not only a straight line that makes you a winner, you can have diagonal lines bouncing off the top and bottom. The combinations are endless. And to make the game even more challenging, we have a sub game where you get to "bank" on Hot Dogs. When you receive a bonus Hot Dog or multiple of them, you have the option to sell them for extra credit, or you can bank them and wait for a higher payout. If the next spin you gain more Hot Dogs, then your gain will increase, you then get to decide if you want to sell or keep banking. But be warned, if the next spin you don't get any Hot Dogs, then you lose all of it.

Note: The bonus game is available only if a BET MAX is placed.