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Let It Ride

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Play starts with a player makes one bets. After the player press: “deal”. Then the dealer gives to the player three visible cards and two cards are placed face down. After seeing their first three cards the player has the choice to “call” of their three bets back or to "let it ride" and leave it out. Then the dealer turns over one of the two hidden cards. Then the player has the option to press: “call” or "raise". After the first hidden card is flipped. If he raise the player makes a other bet equal to the first bet. The player may call or “raise” the second time regardless of their first decision. Finally the second hidden card is flipped and the players are paid according to the following payoff table:
Let it Ride Payoff Table
Royal flush
1,000 to 1
Straight flush
200 to 1
Four of a kind
50 to 1
Full house
11 to 1
8 to 1
5 to 1
Three of a kind
3 to 1
Two pair
2 to 1
Tens or better
1 to 1