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Multi-Line Aces and Eights

Multi-Line Aces and Eights is a four hand poker machine. Up to 5 credits may be used per hand.

To insert credits you must click on one of the chips on the left side of your screen. The amount of credits you will receive depends on the coin size you selected in the menu when you started the game.

Once you have inserted credits, you can click on the BET button once for every credit you want to play with and then DEAL to start the hand. The BET MAX button is used as a shortcut to play 5 credits.

When the hands are dealt, you will have the choices of which cards you'd like to keep. Simply press on the HOLD buttons for the cards you'd like to keep. Note: The select cards will be for all four hands. After the new cards are dealt, if you have a hand that's better than three of a kind, then you win. For the list of winnings, please consult the table on the left of the game.

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Double Up: Anytime you win a hand, you'll have the option of doubling up, which is a game of picking the highest card against the dealer. If you win, you'll double up your winnings, afterwards you'll have the option of continuing the double up for more cash or take your winnings. When doubling up, the first card being flipped (the dealer's card) will never be a 2 or an Ace.
Aces and Eights
Royal Flush
Straight Flush
4 Aces or eights 80
4 sevens 50
Other 4 of a kind 20
Full House 7
Flush 5
Straight 4
3 of a Kind 3
2 Pairs 2
Jacks or Better 1